A Jeep Wrangler is a favorite choice for those who enjoy adventures and the adrenaline rush and want to drive all year round. Yet, its low-quality headlights are a significant drawback, limiting the driver’s visibility in low-light conditions or bad weather. Thus, many people seek the best replacement Jeep TJ headlights

However, nowadays, countless replacement headlights are on the market with different qualities and prices. How can you tell which one is the best? That said, Driverevolve has surveyed experienced Jeep owners for the best names, tried them, and composed an unbiased top 3.

ProductSpecsPros/Cons Best For

Lumens Output: 4500 LM (High Beam), 3200 LM (Low Beam)
Voltage: ‎12 Volts (DC)
Life Span: Over 80000 Hrs
Dimensions: 7″ diameter
Beautiful design.
100% resistance to moisture, fog, and liquid. Anti-flicker mesh.
Effective cooling.
Vulnerable to scratches.
Best Value

AIWWA LED Headlights blank
Lumens Output: 7500LM (High Beam); 5500LM (Low Beam)
Voltage: 9-30V (DC)
Life Span: 50000 Hrs
Dimensions: 7″ diameter
Competitive prices.
Powerful lights.
Rapid cooling.
Moisture-proof and dust-proof.
Incompatibility with a few models.
Strongest Lights 

Sunpie LEDs

Lumens Output: 4500 LM (High Beam), 3200 LM (Low Beam)
Voltage: ‎12 Volts (DC)
Life Span: 30000 Hrs
Dimensions: 7″ diameter
Easiest and quickest to install.
Effective heat dissipation.
Moisture-proof and dust-proof.
Sturdy casing.
Easily get scuffed.
Quickest To Install

LX-LIGHT Round Black CREE LED Headlight – Best Value

We’re starting with the LX-Light Round Black CREE LED headlight. This product is famous for its plug-and-play nature, which will impress all Jeep drivers out there. The accompanying adapter also makes setup a breeze. In addition, an anti-flicker mesh is available; thus, no additional decoding is necessary.

LX-LIGHT Round Black CREE LED Headlight - Best Value
This LX-Light is the best overall. – Amazon

 The CREE chips, of which it is manufactured, are renowned for shining stronger than any conventional headlights (50% brighter than the market’s lights), and that alone has astonished me. While comparing the stock and these new headlamps, I saw a significant improvement in lighting performance.

The item’s modern aesthetic is another selling point for me. You can’t help but notice the blacked-out and high-quality casing of these headlights compared to the dull silver of the industry standard. There are also grids and vent holes on the case, offering exceptional cooling and impact resistance.

The headlamp is also well-sealed, making it resistant to the damaging effects of downpours and severe weather. Indeed, if foggy headlights always annoy you, this headlight’s moisture-proof, fog-proof, and even liquid-proof ability will be a blessing. They are long gone, the time when you had to try everything to get moisture out of headlights

My only complaint is that the polycarbonate optics scratch quickly if they aren’t cared for correctly. If you decide to purchase this item, please refer to this problem as a warning.


  • The user-friendly setup.
  • Aesthetically pleasing and sophisticated design.
  • Quality casing.
  • Waterproof, fog-proof, and liquid-proof.
  • Anti-flicker mesh available.


  • High vulnerability to scratches.

AIWWA LED Headlight For Jeep Wrangler – Strongest Lights

Put this at the top of your wishlist if a powerful LED headlamp is what you’re after. If you’re looking to upgrade the lighting on your Jeep, you’ll find this item among the best replacement Jeep TJ headlights available.

Compared to halos and HID headlights’ lumen output, the high-quality CREE chips used in this product are so superior in luminosity that they surpass Quadratec LED headlights which already have a reputation for powerful lighting. Its longevity of 50,000 hours and above also impresses me tremendously.

The assembly took just under 25 minutes, which is fast, owing to the plug-and-play design of the item. Additionally, the product includes an adapter that simplifies assembly – this is a godsend for those who have never set up a set of headlights.

AIWWA LED Headlight For Jeep Wrangler - Strongest Lights
AIWWA LED headlights are affordable but excellent. – Amazon 

This headlamp is also of excellent quality. Indeed, its manufacturers employ the sturdiest aluminum alloys to seal the lenses, and thus, it prevents moisture deposits and intrusion completely. Another incredible thing about this light is its ribbed design which allows for rapid cooling.

But that’s not the best part about this AIWWA headlamp. The best selling point, in my opinion, is its cost-effectiveness. Priced at only over $60, it is a fantastic choice for LED jeep lights for those on a shoestring budget.

And guess what? This item is 100% from the USA, guaranteeing its superior quality. All that in an affordable product!

This item’s compatibility is the only drawback for me. Indeed, there are certain vehicles for which this lamp will not work.


  • Straightforward setup process of under 30 minutes.
  • Finest aluminum casing for exceptional durability and good heat dissipation.
  • Completely resistant to moisture and dust.
  • Competitive pricing (only about $69) as compared to the market average.
  • Highest lumen: 7500LM (high beam) and 5500LM (low beam).


  • It won’t work on all Jeep models.

Sunpie Round CREE LED Headlights – Quickest To Install

Sitting third on our list of the best Jeep Wrangler replacement headlights is the Sunpie Round CREE LEDs.  

The CREE chips utilized in this item are incredible; they produce light at a considerably higher intensity than conventional aftermarket products. Thus, when comparing the headlight’s luminosity before and after the upgrade, I experienced a definite enhancement.

Sunpie Round CREE LED Headlights - Quickest To Install
Thanks to its powerful light intensity, Sunpie’s product is also one of the best replacement Jeep TJ headlights. – Amazon 

Regarding assembly, this headlamp just requires a plug connector for installation. For me, the time it took to install these lights was the quickest of all our tested products, just under 20 mins. Besides the convenient design, its 2 accompanying pairs of connectors partly make it simpler to mount on your car.

These LED headlights also won me over since they are well-made and will last long, thanks to the metal alloy housing. The casing materials also guarantee effective heat dissipation; thus, rest assured that the heat won’t affect your LEDs. 

Furthermore, it has excellent sealing, so neither moisture nor dust can penetrate inside. Waterproofing and dust-proofing are features that I usually look for in high-quality items.

My one gripe about this product is that its lenses might quickly get scuffed if not looked after properly. Be gentle if you want to avoid scratching the lenses when cleaning them.


  • The aluminum body ensures long-lasting use.
  • Simple to set up thanks to 2 available connector pairs.
  • Quickest installing time.
  • Offers a lot more light than regular headlamps.


  • Fragile; prone to scuffs.

Wrapping Up 

As there are many cool options for customizing your Wrangler, you may not instantly think of your headlights. While it’s great that you’ve upgraded your Wrangler with a lifting system, off-road tires, and a customized gearbox, you won’t go very far if your LED headlights don’t work effectively.

With the best replacement Jeep TJ headlights, worries of poor-lighting Wrangler stock headlamps will be long gone. Our team carefully selects and self-tests all three options above; thus, we promise they won’t let you down!

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Disclaimer: This post includes the affiliate links which help us earn a bit of commission at no extra cost to you!

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