At REVOLVE, our goal is to enable car enthusiasts like yourself to unlock the garage of your dreams! We are revolutionizing the traditional model of automotive access—so never again will you have to buy or lease a new vehicle, and then be locked into it for many years on end.

Founders Asoka Veeravagu and Scott Blando have a passion for all things automotive.  Their love of great cars, and the desire to experience as many of them as possible, led them to found REVOLVE.



Asoka Veeravagu

Co-Founder & CEO

Asoka has been a car fanatic since his days of playing with Hot Wheels cars, building Lego car kits and driving go-karts as a kid. Asoka received masters degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration from MIT and followed his passion for all things automotive to a career at General Motors where he worked in new product development and vehicle manufacturing.

Asoka has attended numerous International Auto Shows and always found himself wishing he could experience a multitude of the fine new vehicles on display from a variety of top-tier automotive brands. This passion for experiencing a variety of great new vehicles led him to co-found REVOLVE Automotive.

He currently drives a Corvette Stingray Z51 with a 7-speed stick.


Scott Blando

Co-Founder & COO

Scott loves everything about cars and has a special affinity for fine European hardware – from Italian sports cars to German performance sedans to British luxury SUVs.

As SVP of Sales for Jarden Consumer Solutions, Scott grew sales from $900M to $1.5B, expanding into new distribution channels like Amazon, drugstore, grocery and direct-to-consumer. His team consisted of more than 50 sales members and Scott oversaw dozens of product categories across all major retail channels. Scott also led the integration, restructuring and assimilation of a $500M acquired company.

He currently drives a Tesla P85D and loves to hit insane mode.