The Drive Revolve’s Privacy Policy ( the “Policy”) explains the procedures that Drive Revolve (the “Site”) uses to handle clients’ data, including but not limited to personal information, during the performance of services ( It defines the terms and conditions that govern the processing of data ( collected by the Company (the “Services”).

The Data We Aggregate

1. During the sign-up process, the Drive Revolve team gathers users’ contact information, including e-mail address, telephone/fax/mobile number, and so on.

2. We collect your contact information when you register or attempt to register with us, including information about the offers you are interested in. Even if you do not finish an online transaction with us, we may collect this information and adhere to this Privacy Policy.

3. Through the Site, partners or we may accumulate additional info. Our team may acquire the aforementioned information regardless of whether you finish an online transaction with us and follow the Policy.

4. We may also collect and maintain non-personally identifiable data about our Website and Users, including IP numbers, browser types, operating systems, page views, total sessions, and unique users, among other things. This information may be gathered even if you do not complete a transaction on our website, and it is subject to our Privacy Policy.

5. When you use or attempt to use our communication services (which may include email services, auto-alarm, newsletter, sharing with your friend, feedback, or any other contacting methods that help you connect with us or other people), we will collect your name, address, telephone/fax number, email, and other personal data, as well as further information about your business. If you don’t finish the electronic transaction with us, we will collect and employ this information according to the Policy.

6. Gathered data refers to any data we gather from you via the Site or other means. Billing and payment information, registration information, purchase request data, and statistical information, among other things, are all examples of gathered data. Even if you did not finish a transaction on our website, we will gather all the information you provide.

The Way We Use Users’ Information

1. We utilise your gathered data to enhance our marketing and promotion campaigns, to analyse your experience, elevate our content and offerings, and customise our site for you. We may utilize your gathered data to resolve issues, settle disputes, and enforce contracts with us. Certain aggregated data based on gathered data may be shared with our partners, advertisers, or relevant users. We may utilise your gathered data to implement marketing campaigns, and advertisements on behalf of other parties. Still, your gathered data shall not be given to such entities unless you react to the marketing, advertising, or promotion message.

2. We will not divulge your membership data to anyone besides judicial/appropriate reasons.

3. We utilise user information to proceed with your requests and supply relevant services. In addition to our agents, accredited dealers, producers, and fulfilment partners, this data may be passed on to fulfil your orders due to our contractual rights. Once our authorised dealers receive this data, it becomes the property of their business in addition to Drive Revolve’s.

4. We will not provide your billing & payment data (if any) to any 3rd party other than for legitimate reasons, for example, in the event of a transaction. You provided your billing & payment information when you purchased online, and it has been recorded. This infor is utilized to process your requests and may also be analyzed for future marketing campaigns. As part of our policy to notify you of other related products and services offers, we may allow Drive Revolve and its departments to have your name, address, and email address.

5. We collect data to troubleshoot our technical servers, administer our website, and enhance our services based on our usage patterns. We may utilise data for internal reporting, analysis, and marketing purposes. We may disclose Statistical Information to 3rd parties, but we will not share any personally identifiable information without your approval.

6. Drive Revolve may adopt your info to supply services you request or contact you about additional services that we believe may interest you. We might utilize your email, mailing address, telephone number, or fax number to reach you regarding notices, questionnaires, product updates, new product or service offerings, and other information related to your website usage. We may use the information to construct reports and analyses for our internal evaluation, monitoring, and marketing purposes.

Information Disclosure

1. We may disclose your gathered data to important authorities if we believe it is required to identify, communicate, or bring legal action against someone infringing, harming, or interfering with Drive Revolve, our users, our customers, our partners, other web users, or anyone else who such actions might harm.

2. We may also release gathered data in response to a subpoena, a writ of summons, or other judicial order, or in case we believe that doing so is demanded by law, regulation, or administrative order of any court, government, or regulatory authority.

3. We may make public or otherwise disclose a user’s Collect Information if we believe that the user has violated the Drive Revolve’s terms and conditions or any previous agreements we have with them. We may use the information to pursue our claims or avoid further harm to Drive Revolve or others.

Third Party’s Privacy

1. We will not be responsible for the confidentiality practices of third parties to whom we direct our users. Such parties may have different privacy policies than ours, and we might not control the information you send to linked sites or websites. Please double-check the confidentiality declarations on every website you visit.

Security Measurement

1. We take reasonable steps to ensure that information is used correctly, that data is kept accurate, and that unauthorized persons do not gain access.

2. There is no guarantee that data being transmitted over the Internet or a wireless network will be safe. Therefore, we strive to secure your data, but no website or company can guarantee 100% security or guarantee the protection of the information you send to us. You will execute at your own risk.

Modifications To Privacy Policy

1. Drive Revolve reserves the right to alter Drive Revolve’s Privacy Policy at any time without notice. We suggest you review this Privacy Policy frequently. All gathered data (whether or not it was collected before or after the updated privacy policy went into effect) is subject to the latest privacy policy in effect at the time it is updated. You are presumed to have agreed to the revised Privacy Policy if you do not accept it. In that case, you should ask Drive Revolve to return and/or delete all copies of your gathered data in our possession.

User’s Feedback

1. We welcome your feedback in regard to the Drive Revolve’s privacy policy or the services we provide to you. You may give us feedback via email.

Cookies enhance your browsing experience, help us deliver custom content, and track our traffic. By continuing to use our site, you consent to the utilization of cookies.

1. Cookies help us to personalize your visit to our website by recognising you as a unique visitor. Cookies also help us improve the quality of our website. We employ a third-party firm to examine the traffic and performance of our website. The information gathered will be employed to measure site usage and performance and deliver advertisements and other services.

2. You can always opt-out of our cookies, and most browsers permit you to reject cookies entirely. To prevent us from using cookies, you may turn on a setting in your browser that blocks all or some cookies. This website might not function properly if you block our use of cookies.

3. We store personal information such as Cookies and IP addresses with third parties. The personal data provided to third parties is stored in other countries and used for the following purposes.

Usage of the Provided Personal Information

  • User Experience Analysis
  • Advertisement Optimization
  • Sales-related Activities

Provisions for Third Parties

  • ・Google
  • ・Meta (Facebook, Instagram)
  • ・Twitter
  • ・Outsourcing Companies

4. Please contact us by email at if you need to delete your information.