The Services supplied by Drive Revolve (“the Site”) through the website and other associated websites (the “Associated Sites”) are subject to the following regulations (the “Drive Revolve’s Terms And Conditions”). Users must comprehend, agree to, and follow the Regulations’ provisions to use the Service.

In case users do not wish to adhere to the Rules, please do not read the Site or utilise the Service. By clicking or pressing on the ‘agree’ button anywhere on the Site or the Associated Sites, or by any other mechanism without such a requirement, Users who agree to follow the Arrangement will certainly be considered to have accepted it if they utilise the Service.

Section 1 – The Scope Drive Revolve’s Terms And Conditions

  1. These Terms (the “Terms and Conditions”) are regarded as part of a package of documents that govern the Service (“other terms of use, special agreements, and rules”). Unless otherwise stated, the provisions of such other terms of use, special agreements, and rules are binding in case of conflict with these Terms. Terms defined here have the same meaning as those described in other terms, special arrangements, and rules unless otherwise specified.
  2. Even if Users access the Service via an Associated Site, the Terms and Conditions will be considered to apply between the User and Drive Revolve. In this instance, any data they sends to the Associated Site shall be deemed to have been forwarded to the Site.
  3. Drive Revolve may alter the Terms and Conditions at any time. If this occurs, Drive Revolve will post the updated terms on the Site, and the User will be obliged to abide by them as soon as a User logs in or as soon as the notification appears, whichever occurs first.

Section 2 – The Service’s Provision

  1. Drive Revolve provides the Services through the Site, the Associated Sites, or other methods to support the enrichment of car life and the trading of Users’ cars.
  2. The information concerning the services provided by Drive Revolve is presented on the site. 
  3. Drive Revolve posts information on the environment needed to utilize the Service on the Site. Users must maintain the environment necessary to utilise the Service at their own expense and duty.

Section 3 – The Service’s Consideration

  1. There is no charge for the Service, unless otherwise specified.
  2. Please double-check any fees Drive Revolve may charge for a service, as well as the payment method and further required information. Drive Revolve will clearly state the deal’s conditions, costs, and related matters in those cases.

Section 4 – User Account Registration And Authentication

  1. Drive Revolve requires users to fulfil user registration steps concerning specified procedures.
  2. Users must certify and guarantee to Drive Revolve that all information they send to Drive Revolve by the time they create their accounts is accurate, truthful, and up to date. If a modification occurs after account registration, the User must alter their registration in association with Drive Revolve’s procedures.
  3. Drive Revolve may decline to register a user at its discretion. In that case, the user may not proceed with any requests or complaints, and Drive Revolve would not be required to explain the refusal.
  4. The Registered Users (“Users”) of Drive Revolve may receive an account ID, password, and authentication key (“Authentication Key”), or if the Authentication Key is self-set by the Registered User, the Registered User must carefully control the Authentication Key and may not reveal, divulge, or permit someone else to use it.
  5. Drive Revolve interprets all communications performed with the Registered User’s Authentication Key correctly as having been performed or by someone authorized by the Registered User. If this occurs, Drive Revolve is not responsible for any harm to the Registered User, even if the Authentication Key is misused or for another reason.
  6. Users may terminate their account with Drive Revolve at any time according to the firm’s procedures.
  7. Through user registration, Drive Revolve (including ads at any forms from Drive Revolve and third parties,“Drive Revolve Mail”) sends e-mail magazines and other emails to registered users. Users may turn down Drive Revolve Mail by discarding their user registration or other methods provided by Drive Revolve.

Section 5 – Contact

  1. When Drive Revolve decides that a Registered User must be notified, it will notify the user at his or her registered address through email, regular mail, telephone, fax, or some other suitable method. Even if the notice does not reach or reaches late, it will be considered to have reached when it reasonably would have.
  2. Please use email or regular mail to contact Drive Revolve for information. Telephone enquiries or visit our office, or any other method are not accepted.

Section 6 – User Information Handling

  1. Drive Revolve handles Users’ personal information under the Privacy Policy (provided by Drive Revolve and published on the Site) and other relevant Personal Information Protection Acts.
  2. Drive Revolve shall handle a User’s business secrets following the Service’s spirit in addition to Section 6.1.

Section 7 – Intellectual Property Rights

  1. Drive Revolve™ is a trademark or registered trademark of Drive Revolve in applied countries.
  2. All text, images, videos, and other content on the Drive Revolve Web Content (“Site Content”) is owned by Drive Revolve or an authorized 3rd party and is not accessible to Users. Unless otherwise specified by Drive Revolve, Users may only view these contents as indicated by Drive Revolve and may not copy, distribute, modify, or create derivative works from them.
  3. Drive Revolve’s Mail or files downloadable or usable on the website are not owned by the Users. Users may not use the service for profit unless otherwise informed by Drive Revolve. Users may only use the tool to browse the website or within the required minimum scope to utilize the service for personal purposes only and not for profit. At any time, Drive Revolve may terminate the license. In such a circumstance, the User must immediately cease using the tool and remove it from all possible digital devices owned by the user.
  4. Drive Revolve owns the copyrights to the files or messages that users submit to the website (Section 27 and 28 of the Copyright Act). Users may not use Messages for their own purposes (including advertisements, publications, or other commercial uses) without Drive Revolve’s express consent. Furthermore, Users may not exercise personal rights over the Messages when contributing them to this site (Section 27 and 28 of the Copyright Act). When contributing Messages to the site, Users must certify that they are permitted to use and license Drive Revolve to utilize them (including the copyright to them, as well as any individuals’ consent who may be recognized from the subject or model for the messages or the information in them).

Section 8 – Contact And Communication With Other Operators

  1. Drive Revolve (the Service provider) is the only entity that may provide information to users within the Service, aside from Drive Revolve itself (regardless of the availability of capital ties, tie-ups, or contractual relationships between Drive Revolve and other operators), other Users, or other corporations or individuals (“Other Operators”). The Service is restricted to the information’s provision supplied by Other Operators to Users, and the Users themselves execute all reviews and evaluations of the content. Drive Revolve does not guarantee the information’s accuracy, completeness, veracity, legitimacy, or suitability.
  2. Through the Service, Drive Revolve does not guarantee, endorse, act as a mediator, intercede, or canvass for transactions between Users and Other Operators. Users are responsible for confirming the transaction’s details and judging the transaction’s execution. Drive Revolve does not guarantee the identity, authority, likelihood of performance, performance, or nonperformance of Other Operators, whether they are authentic, effective, compatible, or whether they have flaws.
  3. Users should make their own decisions about whether to disclose personal or financial information to other parties with whom they exchange messages or otherwise interact using the service or whether files provided by those parties contain malicious software.
  4. The User will bear the cost and liability of resolving any disputes with other Operators regarding businesses, communication, etc.
  5. Drive Revolve monitors the User’s communication with Other Operators to ensure compliance with the Regulation. Drive Revolve may inhibit, delete, or limit such communications if Drive Revolve deems it necessary, provided that such restriction, deletion, or prohibition is under applicable laws.

Section 9 – Links And Advertisements

  1. Even though Drive Revolve posts links to other sites from the Drive Revolve Web Content, Drive Revolve will not guarantee, endorse, mediate, intercede, canvass, or assume any responsibility for the content and services available at those sites. Furthermore, whether or not they are authorized, websites that link to the Site are subject to the same rules.
  2. Although Drive Revolve may post advertisements for Other Operators on the Site, it will not make any warranties, recommend, mediate, intercede, or canvass for the advertisers’ products or services, nor will it bear any responsiblity for them.

Section 10 – Drive Revolve’s Obligations and Liability

  1. Drive Revolve may discontinue certain aspects of the Service as a result of system failure, software or hardware problems, faults, malfunctions, or telecommunications line failures.
  2. Drivel Revolve or Other Operators might not be available for business, causing information and communication exchanges via the Service to be delayed or interrupted. In addition, Section 10.1 lists other events that may cause such delays or interruptions.
  3. The data, products, and services that Drive Revolve’s service provides may be defective or inaccurate. In addition, Drive Revolve may modify, delete, or add to this information without prior notice.
  4. Although Drive Revolve will take the security measures it deems appropriate concerning servers and other system equipment, information leakage, unlawful access, or distribution of detrimental software may still happen, despite these precautions. Furthermore, due to the fact that Drive Revolve does not take security measures concerning information that spreads over the Internet or other open networks unless explicitly stated, and because even if security measures are employed, they may be overridden, data may be stolen, altered, etc.
  5. Drive Revolve is not liable for safeguarding information posted by Users on the site and may alter, relocate, or remove the data as needed.
  6. Drive Revolve does not guarantee that Users will not be harmed as a result of the occurrences described in each of the items listed above.
  7. Because Drive Revolve offers certain features for free, the company cannot be held accountable for any losses that users may incur. Even if Drive Revolve is negligent in providing a paid service, its liability is limited to the amount it received for the service, which resulted in damage, whether or not liability exists due to nonperformance of obligations, warranty of defects, or illegal activities, except for damage resulting from special circumstances or lost profits.

Section 11 – Restricted Actions

  1. Users of the Service may not engage in any of the following activities:
    1.1 breaching other people’s copyrights, trademark protection, intellectual property, privacy and image rights, or other rights, damaging another person’s dignity, credibility, or assets, or taking acts that lead to this;
    1.2 disclosing confidential information or know-how, or other confidential material that belongs to someone else;
    1.3 threatening, provocative, or insulting to other parties, or causing mental hurt;
    1.4 forcing someone to participate in an activity, association, institution, or organization, or to provide transactions, profits, or services, or demanding these things even if the other person has declined;
    1.5 posting or registering inaccurate information or material that may lead to misunderstanding of the person’s identity, product, services, or transaction terms;
    1.6 downgrading transactions completed via the Service, impeding performance, delaying performance, or producing flawed or imperfect performance;
    1.7 gathering, storing, modifying, or removing another person’s information;
    1.8 using the Service under another person’s identify, creating multiple accounts for the same person, or creating multiple accounts for an individual;
    1.9  sending malicious computer programs, backdoors, or other commands to other people’s computers, among other things, without permission;
    1.10 using the Service in a way that goes beyond the typical usage, placing a burden on the server;
    1.11 gathering, processing, or using the information provided by Drive Revolve in a way other than the mechanism provided, whether lawful or unlawful, whether or not the procedure infringes on someone’s rights, and using the Service in a method different from the one provided by Drive Revolve for profit or commercial purposes;
    1.12 creating content of shallow quality, unclear information, or other messages that stray from the Service’s purpose, or reposting identical or similar content repeatedly;
    1.13 lowering the Drive Revolve, Site, and Service’s reputation;
    1.14 breaking the law or violating the Terms and Conditions, lowering the reputation of the Drive Revolve, Site, and Service, or otherwise disregarding the law.
  2. Drive Revolve is not required to gauge if the actions detailed in Section 11.1 are being taken concerning the Site or the Service. Furthermore, Drive Revolve is not responsible for any damages incurred by a User due to another User taking the actions described in Section 11.1.
  3. Drive Revolve may ask for Users’ assistance in sending materials or providing information to determine whether the actions described in Section 11.1 have occurred and whether certain details are correct. Users shall cooperate with those requests; however, Drive Revolve is not obligated to perform such investigations.

Section 12 – Termination Of Usage

  1. Drive Revolve may take one or more of the actions listed below against a specific User without prior notice; however, Drive Revolve is not obligated to do the following actions:
    1.1 to restrict or suspend all or part of the service.
    1.2 to restrict or bar the site’s accessibility.
    1.3 to terminate User registration and then refuse to register new Users.
    1.4 to amend or remove totally or partly the messages presented by Users.
    1.5 to work with law enforcement and administrative agencies to assist in criminal or further investigations.
    1.6 any other actions it sees fit.
  2. Drive Revolve has no obligation or responsibility to explain its reasons for taking the measures in Section 12.1, and users may not make any claims or objections about them.

Section 13 – Damages

Drive Revolve does not have to explain its reasons for taking the measures in Section 12.1, and users may not make any claims or objections.

Section 14 – Entire Agreement and Severability

  1. Provisions of these Terms and Conditions are enforced in spite of the fact that some of them may be declared invalid or non-existent. In such a scenario, an efficient and enforceable replacement provision will be developed that is as close as feasible to the original provision’s purpose. Furthermore, the other rules and regulations of these Terms and Conditions will dominate and will not be affected in any manner.
  2. These Terms and Conditions stipulate the arrangement between the user and Drive Revolve about the service and the Site. Any previous or future verbal or written communications are hereby superseded.