Windshield wipers might seem like an unimportant part of your car. However, during heavy rainfall, this component might help save your life! While its operation is a piece of cake, a few issues might arise that prevent it from shutting down properly. Today, Driverevolve will discuss how to turn off windshield wipers and 5 reasons why you can’t switch them off. 

What Are Windshield Wipers? 

Windshield wipers are motorized tools responsible for removing water and debris from a car’s windscreen

A standard windscreen wiper unit often consists of a control, a computerized wiper motor, a coupling component, 2 wiper blades, and a cleaning solution container.

How To Turn Off Windshield Wipers: 4 Proven Reasons Why It Won’t Work (Fixed) 
Windscreen wipers provide better sight. – Park Ave Acura 

As you turn on your wipers, the compact internal motor that rotates the coupling will be powered, making it swing once the control is pushed. Thanks to the coupling unit, your windshield wipers sweep in their signature arcs over the windscreen, which turns the motor’s rotating movements into side-to-side motions.

If we switch the wiper’s control “off,” it engages the parking switch function in the motors. This stops the electricity supply to the coupling unit and wiper blades.

How To Turn Off Windshield Wipers 

Set the wiper stick to its initial location to deactivate the windscreen wipers. As you pull it, you should notice a click. If the parts inside your windshield wiper are in good shape, it should shut off automatically.

How about automatic wiping? While motorized, rain-sensing windshield wipers are convenient, there are times when you’ll want to turn them off. In most vehicles, turning off the windshield wipers is as easy as turning them on.

  • Go to your console’s menu and click the settings option.
  • Next, select preferences.
  • Choose safety and driving support.
  • Turn off the rain-detecting auto wipers.

4 Reasons Why Wiper Blades Won’t Turn Off

If you turn off your windshield wipers and they continue to run, there are 4 possible culprits:

Faulty Relay

A relay is an electronic switch device installed inside every windscreen wiper unit. Automobile relays are typically little plastic containers wired into a board. This board is located beneath the hood and connected to a group of neighboring relays.

Depending on the severity of the relay failure, the windshield wipers might not function at all, or they might keep rotating even after being switched off. Replacing the relay that controls the wipers is the simplest fix and might be all you need. These relays are typically less than 20 dollars.
Check your car’s relays for malfunctions. – Torque 

Depending on the severity of the relay failure, the windshield wipers might not function at all, or they might keep rotating even after you switch them off. Replacing the relay that controls the wipers is the simplest fix. These relays are typically less than 20 dollars.

Bad Wiring

Bad wiring may result in various problems (for example, your brake lights won’t turn off), and it’s also one of the most common causes of windscreen wipers that won’t stop wiping. In fact, a loose wire or a broken contact can keep your windshield wipers swinging even when you turn them off.

An expert with the correct diagnostic equipment may quickly figure out what goes wrong with your cabling.

Faulty Switch

You’ll find a lot of intricate wiring within the controls. One or more of these connections can malfunction in a way that keeps the blades running, usually at a low setting or intermittently.

Switch replacement is more complex than relay replacement since it involves disassembling the steering shaft. Check YouTube for how-to guides tailored to your car's manufacture, model, and year.
The culprit might be your switch. – Your Mechanic 

Switch replacement is more complex than relay replacement since it involves disassembling the steering shaft. Check YouTube for how-to guides tailored to your car’s manufacture, model, and year.

Faulty Park Switch

When your car’s parking function stops working, the mechanism that stops the windshield wipers will no longer work. Changing this parking function on some systems would require replacing the wiper motor altogether.

How to Fix Windshield Wipers That Won’t Move

In most cases, the only solution to windshield wipers that won’t move is to change the faulty parts. Fortunately, it’s not hard to find replacement components on the web once you’ve located the problem.

In most cases, you can change the component at home without bringing the vehicle to a technician. Still, if you're nervous working under pressure or are unsure of the condition, it's best to have a professional handle the task.
Ask for professional help if your wipers are faulty. – Your AAA Network 

Oftentimes, you can change the component at home without bringing the vehicle to a technician. Still, if you’re not confident or are unsure of the condition, it’s best to have a professional handle the task.

How To Replace Windshield Wipers At Home 

Measure Your Wipers

There is a wide range of sizes available for windscreen wipers. If you don’t choose the correct option, it may not accommodate your car or may not function properly. To determine the right windshield wiper size, check the owner’s handbook or use the blade length (inches) as a guide.

Take Off The Faulty Windshield Wipers

Carefully detach the arms from the glass and push the tab underneath the wiper’s connection to the components. When you push the arms down, your wiper blades should come off quickly.

Attach The New Blade

First, ensure the connectors on the new blades are compatible with the old ones, and then secure them to the arms. There should be a satisfying click as the new blades connect properly. After replacing the blades, carefully place the arms back on the windscreen.

Test Them Out

Don’t risk being caught in the rain before checking to see if you’ve done it right. Test the windshield wipers by turning them on and off repeatedly to ensure they move smoothly and correctly. You should also check how much windshield cleaner is in the bottle and fill it up if necesary.

How To Maintain Windshield Wipers

Always Turn Off Your Wipers Before Turning off Your Car

If you don’t turn them off, they’ll probably come up again when you turn the car back on. This might damage the windshield blades and pose them at risk of severe damage.

Don’t Use Your Wipers If Dirt Is Still On Your Glass 

If you do this, your windshield wipers will have more difficulty removing water and clearing the windshield of dirt from prior sweeps. In this situation, you should use your windshield cleaning solution to loosen any debris stuck to the glass and then wipe it down with a dry towel.

How To Maintain Windshield Wipers
Using your wipers on a dirty screen isn’t advisable. – PakWheels 

If not, your blades may gather dirt and become less useful in the long run, reducing your overall performance.

Remove Any Pine Needles Or Leaves Before Turning On The Windshield Wipers

Issues might arise if you use your windscreen wipers while they are collecting dirt.

If some leaves get stuck between the blades of your windscreen wiper, for instance, moisture may leak in between the 2 metal sections, causing the wipers and maybe the vehicle to rust.

Turn on your defroster and allow it to work for at least a few minutes before trying to clean your windscreen to protect your vehicle. This will loosen the dirt and dust on the window, making cleanup a breeze.

Use Sandpaper To Clean Your Wiper Blades Twice A Year

Debris and dirt can build up on your windshield wipers, making them less effective and, eventually, unable to reach the window of your car.

If you brush your blade with sandpaper once every two years, you can get rid of any buildup and make it work more effectively.

At the very least, make sure you give your windscreen wipers a good cleaning twice a year. Your wipers losing contact with the windshield can happen for several reasons, including natural grime, dust buildup, and external conditions.

Don’t Use Your Windshield Wipers In Icing Rain

Instead, you should utilize your defroster or a scraping tool to get the job done. When your windshield wipers are wet, they can freeze to the glass, making it impossible to drive.

Snow and water, like other particles, may get stuck in the space between your windscreen wiper and the windscreen, reducing its effectiveness.


Do Windshield Wipers Turn Off With The Car?

Yes, your wipers go off along with the automobile.
However, you shouldn’t leave your windscreen wipers to drain the entire battery by keeping them running after shutting the vehicle down. It is even better to ensure all electronics and systems are “off” before leaving your motor to power off or lock up completely.

How Do You Turn On Front Windshield Wipers?

Push the stick to the right-hand side of your steering wheel to activate the windshield wipers. Pull that stick down to adjust the periodic delay time; you should hear a click afterward. 

How Much Does It Cost To Replace Windshield Wipers?

While several factors can affect the cost of replacing windshield wiper blades, the average price is around $50 if you go to a professional mechanic (which is highly affordable compared to tie rod end replacement cost). Labor may run you about $25, while parts will average around $25.
In the worst case, when your wiper’s motor is faulty, you’ll have to pay around $311 to $367 for replacement. 
Windshield wipers motor cost ranges from $231 to $267, while service charges from $79 to $100. This estimate doesn’t take into account the specifics of your car or your location, and it doesn’t include any taxes or fees. Other maintenance might be necessary as well.

Where Is The Windshield Wiper Switch Located?

The button to activate the windscreen wipers sits behind your wheel. It’s a lever that adjusts how quickly the wipers move. This lever is coupled with an engine that rotates at the rate you set on the control knob.

Wrapping Up 

Even when you know how to turn off windshield wipers, sometimes, problems can arise and prohibit you from doing so. In many cases, weak cables or faulty connections are at blame when the windscreen wipers continue to run even after being shut down. Another possible cause is a malfunctioning parking switch, relay, or control. 

Yet, no matter the root issue, it’s advisable to contact a mechanic for further diagnosis and the best solutions. 

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