provides the Services (collectively, “the Website” or “this Website”) and its associated services (“the Services”) to its customers. The Services include the Website and any associated products and services (collectively, “products and services”). This Policy outlines how we handle copyright infringement notices and how you can file one. Copyright infringement is a serious issue for us, and we request you to adhere to the same standards. We strive to promptly address clear copyright infringement notifications that abide by the United States Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) of 1998, which can be looked up on the U.S. Copyright Office site.

Table of contents

  1. What to consider before submitting a copyright complaint
  2. Notifications of infringement
  3. Counter-notifications
  4. Changes and amendments
  5. Reporting copyright infringement

You should contact an attorney in case you are uncertain if the content you want to report is actually illegal.

When you receive a DMCA copyright infringement notice, you must give your personal contact information. If you prefer to keep personal contact information private, you may consider hiring a personal privacy lawyer to notify infringing evidence.

Infringement Notifications

You may submit a DMCA takedown notice (“Notification”) using the contact information below if you believe any of our Services breaches your legitimate copyrights. All DMCA takedown notices must adhere to the DMCA’s requirements. You may use a professional service to ensure that your DMCA takedown notice is properly formatted.

The DMCA complaint process begins with a pre-defined legal procedure. A DMCA complaint must be accurate, legitimate, and complete. If you file a DMCA complaint, we may delete or restrict access to the infringing material and permanently terminate repeat infringers’ accounts. If you require a backup of terminated account data, we may not be able to offer you with one, so we strongly encourage you to take your own backups.

Upon receiving a Notice of purported infringement, we will attempt to notify the afflicted user and provide directions to file a counter-notification in case our team removes or limits accessibility to content or dismiss an account.

Despite anything to the contrary in this Policy, the Operator may choose not to take action if a DMCA copyright breach notice does not comply with all the DMCA’s requirements.


You can make a counter-notice if you receive a copyright breach notice on the Services. If you have received a copyright breach notice, the material stated in the notice has been discarded from the Services or the access to it has been limited. Please review the notice for details about the material that has been deleted from the Services. A DMCA-compliant written notice must be submitted in order to file a counter-notice with us.

If you believe that material or activities were discarded or curbed by mistake or misidentification, you should reach an attorney prior to filing a counter-notification.

The Drive Revolve team reserves the right to disregard any provision under this Document in response to a counter-notification. In case Drive Revolve receives a counter-notification that is in accordance with the terms of 17 U.S.C. § 512(g), our team can distribute it to the individual who sent the original Notice.

This Policy cannot restrict us from pursuing other remedies to address the suspected violations.


We may at any time alter the terms of use for the Website or Services at our own discretion. The last updated date is shown in this page. Drive Revolve can also give you with notice in other manners, such as via the contact details you provide.

The revised Policy will become effective immediately upon posting of the new version of the Policy, unless otherwise stated. Your continued usage of our Website and Services after the amended Policy takes effect (or some other action specified at the time) will signify your agreement to the alterations.

Please use the contact information below if you would like to report the breaching content, material or activity:

The last update date for this document is July 20, 2022.