Suddenly on a stunning-weather day you go downtown, feel over the moon and be ready for a honey-moon week yet your car windows are broken for no clear reasons. Keep calm as apply these quick steps on how to cover a broken car window with DriveRevolve!

Why You Need To Cover Your Broken Car Window ASAP

If you neglect to tidy up the window and eliminate any fragments of sharp glass, there’s a risk of causing harm to yourself. 

Keeping the window open and vulnerable alleviates potential car theft, notably somewhere without proper coverage. 

Maintaining a well-kept appearance is crucial, and driving with a bad window doesn’t contribute positively. 

Ensure protection for both your car’s interior and yourself from adverse weather conditions, notably during winter.

Why You Need To Cover Your Broken Car Window ASAP
What if your car window is broken? Source: utahmobileautoglass


How To Cover A Broken Car Window

There are some options for a broken car window temporary fix, yet the most sought-after choices are using a plastic sheet, plastic bag, or clear packing tape. 

All you just need are things transparent and weather-proof, and plastic is perfect for the case. 

If you take something like cardboard, then it would start to disintegrate in the rain and would hinder your vision – which is dangerous on the go.

Things You Need To Cover The Broken Window

In the event of a broken car window, it’s crucial to have the following items readily available for swift action:

1. Duct Tape:

Duct tape serves as an effective and affordable solution for covering broken car windows. 

Ensure close adherence without any gaps by applying at least six to eight layers of tape to fully seal the broken area.

2. Plastic Sheets:

Opt for thick plastic sheets, thicker than a typical carry bag, as an excellent option for covering a broken car window. 

These sheets are easily accessible and can provide a lasting solution if the right adhesive is used for securing them.

3. Reflectix:

To deter potential thefts and effectively cover a broken car window, consider acquiring Reflectix. 

It’s a handmade temporary window made from cardboard cut to fit this auto part. Reflectix is a worthwhile investment, easy to clean, and reusable.

4. Window Shade Socks:

Also known as mesh window coverings, window shade socks are helpful for covering broken car windows. 

Pull them down through the windows to keep them in place for an extended period.

5. Fabric and Magnets:

For a cost-effective solution to cover a broken car window, utilize fabric and magnets. 

Lay the fabric on your window frames, apply hot glue to the magnets, and affix them. 

This creates a temporary window covering that is easily assembled using common household items.

Fabric and Magnets
Bring out all required items before processing. Source: squarespace-cd

Steps To Cover The Broken Car Window Temporarily 


Initially, wear protective work gloves before tackling glass shards and acquire a container for easier disposal or recycling. 

Needless to say, the whole process for covering is more complex than getting water spots off your car windows or applying the window tint.

Dispose All Broken Glasses

Clear away larger glass pieces, collect and place them in the bag or container. 

Gently detach the remaining glass sticking to your auto. Utilize a shop vacuum to remove smaller glass fragments inside your vehicle, within your seal, and around your window frame. 

The extended vacuum attachment aids in reaching minor shards on your carpet, seat, and behind your car door.

Clean Your Whole Window

Subsequently, prepare the window surfaces for effective adhesion by removing buildup, dust, and dirt. 

Adopt a damp cloth in order to tidy up your window seal and the car frame on all sides. Allow the area to dry within a few mins.

Clean Your Whole Window
Clean around your car window. Source: d2hucwwplm5rxi

Position the Plastic Covering

From the car’s inside, insert the plastic over your window frame. Temporarily secure the bag against the top edge of the frame with several tiny masking tape pieces. 

Avoid using other tape types that may damage the car’s paint or prove challenging to remove later from the car glass.

Secure Your Covering

Cut 6-to-10 longer masking tape pieces. Spread and smooth your plastic flat, pull it towards the car frame’s one side, and use one piece of tape at a time to firmly enclose the plastic around your window’s all sides. 

Ensure the plastic is stretched taut to halt flapping in the wind, making noise on the road.

Seal Your Covering

Subsequently, use additional pieces of tape to improve your window’s seal. 

Adding a second tape layer levels up the plastic covering’s firmness, especially in moist or windy conditions during driving. 

Ensure there are no gaps between your window frame and the plastic to hinder water leakage and air, dropping the tearing risk before getting the window repaired.

Add An Extra Layer

If you need a cover layer enduring for an extended period, in adverse weather or over weeks, consider a second plastic layer. 

Repeat steps 4-to-6 with another plastic wrapping from the window’s outside. This completes the securing process.

Why You Need To Permanently Fix The Window Quickly

It’s a must to fix broken car windows permanently, not only protecting you from having your car stolen, but also it’s illegal in some regions to drive your car when your vision is impaired – so you don’t want to run into any trouble!

If you get it accidentally, requiring the optimal measure on how to cover a broken car window, the content above solves your problem.

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