You always wish your car windows were spotless, so just minor water spots out there thus would piss you off. You may feel low despite how hard you tried over and over again to give up rain and snow with hard water stains, yet no worries. Everything here with DriveRevolve can get you covered.

In other words, grasp how to get water spots off car windows, yours will outshine brilliantly in no time.

Where Are Water Spots on the Car’s Exterior Windows Stem From

Water stains result from filth, condensation, and mineral buildup. The vapor in the air condenses on the car’s windows, subsequently dripping to the ground.

What’s more, whatever is on the surface would facilitate the particles comprising these deposits to change and worsen things. They are frequently made of salt, sand, and dried mud blown around by the rain or wind.

The more humid the climate, the more car windows will gather moisture. Consequently, rinsing the glass more often is recommended for forestalling water stains. Otherwise, accumulative humidity would fool you, like how moisture may harm your headlights

How To Get Water Spots Off Car Windows

Here we go, the top options to have things done, commencing with products of water spot remover to toothpaste.

How To Get Water Spots Off Car Windows
Facing the water spots sticking to the windows? Source: Unsplash

Water Spot Remover Item

Get the best water spot remover, like window polish, as one method of deleting water stains from your car’s windows. Three of our top picks are listed below:

  • The top choice we tested is Griot’s Garage Glass Polish. Almost every water stain you might find on the glass surface is erased using a well-formulated mixture of acids and oxides. All render you into Griot’s as it rapidly takes your trust.
  • The following is called Chemical Guys HD Water Spot Remover, an epic brand with a comparable outcome. To avoid recurring hassles with water spots, the surface is even waxed.


In case you’ll likely try things in or under the kitchen sink before going to a Google, vinegar would be a game-changer. I advise you to start heading for it when water spots on car won’t come off.

  1. First, blend equal amounts of vinegar and water in a bowl. Add further vinegar to the whole thing for your liking.
  2. Next, take your fresh solution and either pour it into a spray bottle (if that’s how you roll) or a regular or microfiber dishcloth. For novices, when you adore to spray, do it on the towel first rather than the glass. Spray some pure vinegar straight on a stubborn location and leave it for 30 minutes if it won’t budge. 
  3. To best cover the area, use a clean, dry cloth (or paper towel) to let off the water/vinegar mixture. Hence, you can rid the surface of any liquid molecules that may trigger new smudges.

Baking soda can be used instead of vinegar in this scenario. The purpose is lost on me, but it works. Watch out for dumb things like combining an alkali-like baking soda with an acid-like vinegar. They would send them on top against any filth happening.


Natural resource for washing purposes. Source: Unsplash

Sounds easy! Cut a lemon in half and apply the juice on the area as it sounds! Wait a few minutes while the acid works its magic. In the end, rub it off as though you were using vinegar!

It might be worth a try if you have any extra lemons or limes in your refrigerator. 

Clay Bar

Utilize a clay bar if the procedures mentioned above don’t work. This is a tried-and-true technique for removing water spots and asphalt, sand, sap, rubber, and other contaminants.

To aid you with this water spots problem, Chemical Guys Clay Bar makes a terrific clay bar kit with surprising efficacy.

Give a shot to the Mothers’ clay bar kit with its charming scent. Mother’s products are sought-after as the brand has been around for a long time.

Essential Oils

A growing number of car owners take an avid interest in essential oils. Apply the solution to the glass with a soft towel or sponge after combining a few orange or lemon essential oil droplets with water. Afterward, let it sit for roughly 10 mins. 

Employ an automobile glass cleaner after that. The additional perk of essential oils is to impede the wet spot formation on your windows and windshields. For the best outcome, go for treatment once a week.


Mineral stains can also be eliminated with a toothpaste and water mixture. In other words, before using an automobile glass cleaner, apply the pasty solution to the glass, let it sit for a while, and then rinse with water.

Toothpaste is efficient amazingly. Source: Unsplash

How To Prevent Water Spots On Car Windows

Car owners frequently experience the water spots issue. In fact, harsh water can make it tricky to clean and discolor the car glass’s outer layer. It shall end up with unattractive streaks on the glass, compromising visibility and safety.

You can thus take many precautions to cease water spots.

  • Make use of distilled water as a cleaning solution.
  • Maintain the wipers on the vehicle’s windshield.
  • Adopt soft towels sparingly and adequately to clean your windows and windshield.
  • Dry your car right away after washing 
  • After being in the rain, rinse your car with fresh water before letting it air dry.
  • Apply water-repellant to your water-stained windshield (or glass window).

You may wonder how to turn off windshield wipers, we’re here to help!

How To Prevent Water Spots On Car Windows
Give the auto a sparkling outlook back! Source: Unsplash

Key Takeaways

Everyone seeks to see as clearly as possible through their windows, yet on occasion, those tiresome water spots can get in the way. Our do-it-yourself remedies on how to get water spots off car windows will help you if you’ve struggled to remove these obstinate marks from your windows for a while. Then, backward to the fun-driving vibe!

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