Wanting to buy a car on eBay but not sure if they ship the vehicles themselves? 

Below DriveRevolve will run down if eBay ships their inventory, or if they use other providers and which shipping method is best for you.

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Does Ebay Ship Cars?

Unfortunately, eBay itself does not ship vehicles. They also do not hold vehicles, which means that if you want to get your car shipped to you without driving it back yourself, you’ll have to find your own means of transportation.

eBay however has partnered with uShip to help customers receive their vehicles through their affordable rates and competitive pricing. You should however know that uShip is not a shipping company itself, it’s a broker.

Shipping brokers sell your lead to shipping companies that will try to get you to go with them. One benefit of this is that you get many quotes at once allowing you to negotiate down the price. You also don’t necessarily have to go with uShip either, you can go with a leading transportation company like

Below we’ll break down the different methods of vehicle transportation and you can decide which one suits you the most:

Does eBay Ship Cars? What To Do When Buying A Vehicle On eBay
Ebay has built its name for quite long time yet does not ship cars. Source:

Enclosed Shipping

Enclosed trailer shipping is going to be your best bet if you’ve purchased a luxury or exotic vehicle that has a hefty price tag. Enclosed shipping protects your vehicle from damage as well as theft as no one is going to know what car is within the trailer.

Considering that enclosed trailers can only hold so many vehicles (normally up to 4), the price for enclosed trailers will be more than open trailers. If you’re buying a vehicle for parts, then you’ll likely have to have it loaded via crane into an enclosed trailer as it won’t be able to be driven onto an open trailer. 

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Open Shipping

Open trailer shipping is the most common and most affordable way to ship vehicles. They are loaded onto big rig trucks, 6-12 at a time and are driven all around the country. This is the most economical way to ship vehicles and likely the choice of anyone who’s shipping an affordable vehicle.

The downside of open trailer shipping is that your vehicle will be exposed to the elements as well as be vulnerable to theft. If you have an expensive vehicle, you may not want to ship your car with open trailers as it could get stolen.

Air Shipping

Air Shipping
Air shipping can be a go-to pick. Source: ebayinc

If you don’t mind spending the money required for air shipping and need your vehicle ASAP, then air shipping is going to be your best bet. It’s great if you are in need of your vehicle on a certain day as you will be able to guarantee time of arrival considering that normally there are rarely any weather or traffic delays.

The biggest downside of air shipping is that the price can sometimes be even more than the car itself depending on what provider you go with. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to ship your vehicle with air, but it does offer peace of mind knowing your vehicle will be at your destination on the day you need it. Air shipping can get your vehicle to your destination in as little as 4 days compared to the 40 days it would take by sea.

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Cargo Shipping

Shipping your vehicle by sea in cargo containers is also another popular option. You can’t use cargo shipping if you’re shipping domestic, but it’s going to be a great shipping method if you live overseas.

The downside of cargo shipping is how slow the process can be. It can take a total of 40 days, and sometimes even longer depending on delays. You can however save a lot of money with this method, so it’s going to be your best option if you have time to spare. 

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