On the way of an open road for a getaway yet, your tire gets things bothersome: a flat. Well, when your tire’s safety is appropriately unmet, such hassles will likely occur, especially with aged-out wheels with cracks over there. 

Yet, long answer short: there is an excellent tip to avoid this: cover your tires, and you’re away from such unexpected emergencies. 

That’s why most campers seek the best RV spare tire cover! All for a flawless trip ahead. 

Not just unveiling the top products on the market, DriveRevolve is here with other tricks to buy one. 

What Is An RV Spare Tire Cover?

Most RV spare tire covers encapsulate molded plastic or vinyl. Such a great item prolongs the light tires’ lifespan by sheltering them from UV radiation and other external influences. 

From there, it reduces the extra money spent changing your camper’s spare tire. The average cost of a big rig tire might reach several hundred dollars. Still, getting the best right from the beginning is worth it! Your spare tires won’t go for replacement as soon as they need to. 

These covers also “flex” your unique style besides delivering protection. Many RVers use their spare tire cover to communicate motivational quotes with other travelers, advertise their social media profiles, or show off their favorite sports team. There are countless designs for wheel covers for RV that you can’t take your eyes off.

What Is An RV Spare Tire Cover?
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7 Best RV Spare Tire Cover Won’t Let You Down!

No matter muffler delete or spare tire covers, get the best for doing wonders!

Taking the unique spare tire covers for the beloved RV is not that hard! Let’s take a peek at this top-to-down list!

#1 Classic OverDrive Deluxe RV & Trailer Wheel Cover


This 4-pack of white tire covers fits RVs and trailers with tires that are 24-27 inches in diameter and up to 8.5 inches wide. The vinyl has a soft, non-scratch backing and washes off easily. 

The elastic back panel provides the elasticity of the cover, ensuring a snug fit. Aside from a storage bag, the package boasts a three-year warranty on the coverings.

#2 Camco Vinyl Tire & Wheel Protector 

Customer feedback on this pair of protectors is excellent. They shield from the sun, dirt, weather, and more. They fit tires that range in size from 30-32 inches. 

Users can quickly put on and remove the tire covers and modify their design to fit their tires thanks to their buckle and strap design. Suitable weatherproofing is also a plus point.

#3 ADCO Designer Series Tyre Gards


Customers have left glowing reviews for yet another set of RV tire covers. These guards consist of durable vinyl with a flannel backing deterring liquid. They protect your sidewalls from UV rays and lessen sidewall cracking. 

Moreover, the tire protectors fit snugly owing to a velcro back fastening device. In addition, a three-year warranty is included.

#4 TCP Canvas Tire Covers


Up to 28-inch tires can get along well with such a funny spare tire cover. One wire-embedded rod that is sewn into the cover can suit the tire perfectly. 

The covers shine with breathable canvas, shielding your wheels from rust, UV damage, dirt, and other hazards. Notably, deep-wide tires up to 6 inches in diameter can fit them.

#5 AmFor Tire Cover


Installing and taking off these custom spare tire covers for RV is a breeze. Indeed, they’re a snap to clean. 

Crafted from sturdy aluminum material with a waterproof feature and a plush cotton wool lining, these guys boast epic protection flair. Their hook fasteners securely grip your wheels, catering perfectly to tires of 27 – 29 inches in diameter.

#6 Moonet PVC Cover


This leather cover is a steal at just $15, offering bang for your buck. Crafted with durable materials and superb workmanship, it stands firm against the elements – enduring sunlight, snow, rain, mud, and varying temperatures. Thanks to the round elastic cord, its snug fit ensures a tight and secure placement over your spare tire.

Inside, a soft, non-scratch flannel-like coating adds an extra layer of protection. Meanwhile, the outside boasts a sleek leather-like finish, giving it a glossy and sophisticated vibe. Plus, being washable, this can steal your heart in no time.

#7 I Go Where I’m Towed American Flag


This camping-inspired item is flawless if you’re after protection and a dash of style. Its vibrant colors will instantly boost the camper’s rear view. The catchy phrase “I Go Where I’m Towed” adds charm to your auto.

Beyond just RVs and trailers, this ABSOP cover suits various cars and trucks alike. It bravely battles environmental elements and is engineered from durable polyester fiber with a soft interior backing.

What’s more, the adjustable feature using the nylon rope and buckle renders it a one-size-fits-all item, fitting onto many tire sizes. This user-friendly design ensures easy on-and-off maneuvering for effortless use. Try your best to hinder tire flats or car scratches!

What Type Of RV Spare Tire Cover Should You Use?

Hard Covers

A tough exterior is typically crafted from durable, inflexible materials like stainless steel or molded plastic. Alternatively, there’s a shell cover made of vinyl and plastic mix. These covers have two main parts teamed up to shield your RV spare tire from potential thieves. 

The prominent hard part upfront is the face plate, while the second part is a band or ring encircling the tire. These components lock together snugly using a latch or clasp.

Sure, hardcovers might dent your wallet and weigh a bit more, yet they boast a top-notch finish that’ll give your RV a sleek look. Its excellent security is worth investing, notably for campers adoring that glossy touch.

Soft Covers

Soft covers, in contrast, are typically crafted from pliable yet tough vinyl or fabric standing up against harsh weather and UV rays. Being flexible, these easily wrap around the spare tire from the front. 

They commonly utilize an elastic cord or rope to secure the cover at the tire’s rear snugly. For those seeking a fancier option, premium models offer a cable lock and an interior felt pad for added longevity.

Unlike their harder-shelled counterparts, soft covers do not just offer wallet-friendly prices. They also have tons of colors and designs, allowing you to match your RV’s style effortlessly. 

Still, the trade-off is their reduced durability and quicker fading compared to the complex variants. 

Hard coversSoft covers
Pros+ Greater longevity+ Resistant to mildew and mold+ Often have a locking system+ More secured.+ Lower price
+ Lighter+ Have a large assortment of designs
ConsHeavySometimes exorbitantNot compatible with all RV modelsLess durableLower-level security

What To Look For When Buying

What To Look For When Buying
Some notes for making a purchase. Source: cdn.shopify

Colors & Styles

Whereas bag-style covers cover the entire tire, shield-style covers only shield the front side of the tire. They are typically available in black and white colors, and both can assist in lowering UV exposure. 

Since dirt and filth won’t show up as quickly on black, black might be more sensible. Even so, black heats up faster, so if your auto often faces extreme heat, you might as well stick with white.


Numerous materials for motorhome tire covers are available. Although thick canvas or aluminum casings with a hard shell are frequent options, vinyl covers are the most widely used. 

Go ahead for UV-resistant materials, as it makes sense. Also, when you are driving your RV, think about how simple it is to pack up and store the covers.


How do you ensure that your tire covers stay on your tires? That varies, though. While some tire covers for motorhomes zip shut around the wheel, others are simply hung over it. 

Additionally, covers can be secured using grommets, bungees, or cinch fasteners. Hard-shell covers fasten with a snap or lock. Be sure that the closure you select is one you can use if you plan to put on and remove the covers yourself.


Whatever location you choose for the best RV spare tire cover, it makes sense if you shop around and consult experts before making the final decision. By shielding your tires from weather and road debris, these will help.

More and more fun autoparts can blow your mind!

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