Early detection using oil pan gasket leak symptoms is beneficial. Although, at some point, every vehicle will start leaking oil if used long enough, oil pan gasket leakage is far more concerning as it could lead to fatal accidents and high repair costs from permanent engine damage if overlooked. 

Today, Driverevolve will introduce 6 telltale signs of an oil pan gasket crack and answer a few related questions! 

What Is An Oil Pan Gasket?

An oil pan gasket is your oil pan assembly’s bolted and enclosed component. This part, in conjunction with the oil pan, is responsible for retaining as much oil as possible within the motor, facilitating the lubrication and seamless operation of all moving parts.

Reasons Why Oil Pan Gasket Fails

There are several causes of oil pan gasket failure, but the most prevalent cause is degradation. The oil pan gasket within your car experiences countless heat and cold phases throughout its useful lifetime. Due to this, the oil pan gasket in a car will eventually crack if left unchecked for long enough.

The oil pan gasket is especially vulnerable to inadvertent impact, which is a leading source of leaks. An oil spill can occur if the oil pan gasket is damaged due to a collision with another item. The likelihood of a leak increases with the severity of the impact

6 Oil Pan Gasket Leak Symptoms To Eye For

When an oil pan gasket fails, it can cause various problems. This is especially true if the gasket malfunctions at a critical point. Knowing basic signs is the first step in diagnosing and addressing a leak.

There are a few telltale signs of a cracked oil pan gasket, and they are as follows.

Sudden Oil Loss

If you check your car’s oil and find that it’s significantly less than average, the problem may be a leaky oil pan gasket. When an oil pan gasket leaks, it can spill a surprising amount of oil. The dipstick of a car engine can effortlessly determine your oil level.

Oil Loss
When your car suddenly leaks oil, this might indicate a problem with the oil pan gasket – Source: Minit Tune & Brake Auto Centres

A lower mark on the oil pan’s dipstick doesn’t always mean that your oil pan is leaking, but it will give you an idea of what might be wrong. If this is the case, it is highly recommended that you thoroughly inspect the oil pan gasket of your car.

Oil Stain In Driveway

Another probable oil pan leak symptom is your car leaking oil when parked. This indicates that enough engine oil has escaped from your automobile’s motor to paint the area where you leave it.

The size of these marks often indicates the extent of the leakage. Indeed, the giant the oil puddle, the more serious the fault will be.

An oil stain in your parking space, like the oil loss, discussed previously, is not necessarily evidence of where the oil leak is because of a faulty oil pan gasket. Still, under those conditions, your oil pan gasket and other motor seals come into question.

Burning Oil Smell

Burning Oil Smell In Car
You might notice a strange smell of oil in your car – Source: Cash Cars Buyer

When motor oil leaks out of an engine via a broken gasket, it gives off a “burnt” odor. This oil, which has now spread throughout the motor’s exterior, is heated to extreme temperatures, releasing a pungent stench that anybody in the area can pick up. The more serious the oil pan gasket crack, the more noticeable this odor will be.

Like the burning rubber smell in your car, a burned oil smell should receive an immediate inspection. 

Oil Covering Your Car’s Underside

If the oil pan gasket on your automobile is leaking badly, you may find yourself with engine oil all over your car’s underside. This is because of blowback consequences for a moving vehicle.

When there is an oil pan gasket leakage, the oil is spread backward by the rushing air under the car. The extent of a leak increases the rate at which this oil spreads.

This oily layer below the surface may be to blame for the oil-like stench in some situations. An unpleasant stench is produced when oil is overheated and blasted across a car’s tailpipe. Due to the extreme heat reached by an automobile’s tailpipe, this smell can be noticeable from a considerable distance.

Low Oil Light

In case of severe oil depletion, most modern automobiles come with a warning light that indicates a low oil level on the center console. This warning light usually shows up when the oil amount in the engine drops dangerously low.

If you see this light, you must stop your car immediately and turn off your engine. Doing so might save your vehicle from severe damage.

Extreme oil deficit from a faulty oil pan gasket is rare, but it does happen. When this happens, the oil amount in the motor might decline at alarming rates, prompting the vehicle’s low oil warning light to come on.

Engine Smoke

smoke coming out from engine
Smoke coming out from engine is another sign of an oil pan gasket leak – Source: Car Throttle

Engine smoke can come from many reasons; a failed oil pan gasket is no exception. The oil will be burned if the oil spill is severe enough and the temperature high enough, like in a motor. When this occurs, smoke is frequently a consequence.

Indeed, escaped oil from a damaged oil pan gasket is usually burned to the extent to which it produces a visible amount of fumes. This smoke is frequently a telltale sign of severe oil leakage.

In addition, if oil from the leak gets onto the tailpipe, the fumes from the spills will be even worse. This is because the emission from a car is extremely hot compared to most of the car’s parts, so it speeds up the warming procedure.

Is This Leak A Severe Issue?

Oil pan gasket leakage is generally considered a major problem. This is because significant oil loss can result in various serious concerns, the worst of which is permanent engine damage.

A leak may not be severe enough to create immediate danger, but it worsens over time. As such, you must look into this kind of leak and fix it immediately.

If you suspect your oil pan gasket is spilling, you should always keep a spare oil bottle in your vehicle and inspect the oil amount within the engine daily.

A significant engine oil loss might cause excessive motor degradation if not recognized in time. Without further repair or rebuilding, you won’t be able to fix this deterioration.

How Much To Replace Oil Pan Gasket? 

Oil pan gasket replacement

The oil pan gasket replacement cost might vary significantly from one car model to another. This is because replacing a particular part on a specific model could require more time and effort than a different vehicle.

Oil pan gasket prices also range considerably between manufacturers and designs.  However, the average expense to change an oil pan gasket is between $150 and $500, which is quite expensive compared to other replacement components like tie rod end. Although this range is considerable, so is the amount of time and energy needed to conduct such a service.

3 Best Oil Pan Gasket Replacements In 2023 

Fel-Pro OS30693R Gasket 

Fel-Pro OS30693R Gasket review
Fel-Pro OS30693R Gasket – Source: Amazon

Fel-Pro’s oil pan gasket kit is suitable for a wide range of vehicles and rigorous use, making it one of the brand’s most popular aftermarket products.

If you’re seeking a premium oil pan gasket and don’t have to worry about your budget, the Fel Pro OS30693R may be a good option. It comes standard with a sizable motor ranging from 4.8 to 6.0 liters, which is above average for most buyers.

With its universal fit and layout that even works with Chevrolet, Cadillac, and Pontiac vehicles, you can confidently use it in your automobile. This oil pan gasket is a high-end alternative with a year-long guarantee and solid build.


  • Perfect for many vehicles’ makes and models.
  • Good motor size range.
  • Superb seals for your oil pan.


  • Not affordable.

ACDelco Gasket

ACDelco Gasket review
ACDelco Gasket – Source: Amazon

Although ACDelco and its authentic automotive components are pricey, they offer a variety of high-quality oil pan gaskets.

This ACDelco oil pan gasket assembly is one of the best choices if you’re looking for a durable and long-lasting product that can withstand frequent use. To begin, it is made with Chevrolet, GMC, and Buick automobiles in mind regarding compatibility.

This superior ACDelco component is also well-suited for motors spanning in displacement from 5.3 L to 6.2 L, so you can rest assured that it fits different makes and models. In addition, you can expect high standards of manufacturing and an extended warranty of 2 years from this product.


  • Incredibly robust and long-lasting.
  • Compatible with a wide range of vehicle engine dimensions.
  • Boasts a top-notch build.


  • High cost.

Vincos OS32241 Gasket

Vincos OS32241 Gasket review
Vincos OS32241 Gasket – Source: Amazon

Regarding motor gaskets, Vincos Store is a name that is both reliable and well-liked. Their items feature cutting-edge production methods that are up to OEM standards.

There is no need to worry about the durability or dependability of their OS32241 oil pan gasket because it is made from high-quality materials. Its sturdy frame and sleek engine compartment make it ideal for extreme situations.

It consists of a flat metal center with 2 or more engraved stainless steel layers affixed to it. This gasket’s carbon rubber material can withstand temperatures between -40 and 250°C; thus, they have a longer lifespan and a lower risk of cracking than options.


  • High-quality materials.
  • Highly durable.
  • Superb closure.
  • Conforms to original equipment standards.


  • A bit pricey.

Wrapping Up 

Several parts of a vehicle are potential sources of oil leaks, with some being more problematic than others. Indeed, leakage can occur anywhere in a motor, from the piston cover seals to the crucial head O-ring. However, the oil pan gasket is among the most likely to leak and also one of the most severe ones.

Thus, it’s crucial to learn the basic oil pan gasket leak symptoms to early detect and fix the problem before permanent damage occurs and threatens your life! 

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