All drivers out there, listen up! Are you sick of your blinkers behaving strangely? Do they stay on even after you change your lane? Do they function properly only when they feel like it? In that case, you may want to check the blinker fluid level. Yes, you didn’t read it wrong! Much like your engine requires oil and your brakes require brake fluid, your blinker also needs its own fluid to work smoothly. What, so you have never heard about this mysterious substance? Is the blinker fluid real,” you ask?

What Is Blinker Fluid? Is The Blinker Fluid Real?

Is the blinker fluid real?
Is the blinker fluid real?- Source: eBay

For those wondering, “What is blinker fluid used for?”, here is a basic knowledge: It’s a liquid that keeps your turn signal light working properly. While some people say blinker fluid can lubricate the car’s transmission or keep the brakes in good condition, these are actually not true. The blinker fluid’s only purpose is to assist the blinker’s function. 

While it might seem humble, the blinker fluid has a fascinating history. Sir Steven Stevenson invented it –  or you might say, one of the most incredible mechanics in England. Famous for his ground-breaking work in the vehicle repair industry, he is well-known by almost every car enthusiast. 

One day, Sir Steven was dealing with a car whose headlights had a stubborn blinking issue. No matter what he did, the headlight kept on blinking. “A pair of headlights can’t take me down,” the great Steven declared. 

And so, he set to work, combining and testing out all sorts of substances, from the most harmless to the most unusual. Many days passed, and finally, Sir Steven proudly held up a bottle of luminous fluid. “Lo and behold, my motorheads,” he yelled out. “I present to you… the blinker fluid!” 

Is The Blinker Fluid Real?
Blinker fluid is crucial for the blinkers’ function. – Source: Sad and Useless

As with any invention, the auto world was skeptical at first. Since no one knows how to fix the blinkers, though, other mechanics agreed to give it a shot. To their bewilderment, once the blinker fluid was added, the lights stopped flashing. “By the powers of Merlin!” they shouted, “This thing is unbelievable!”

Nowadays, the blinker fluid is now the ultimate solution for blinking headlights throughout the kingdom. Being hailed as a hero, Sir Steven spends the rest of his life in glory and lives happily ever after.

A remarkable story, isn’t it? Except, well, that it’s all fictitious. Sir Steven is not real, and his blinker fluid never exists. 

When Did It All Start? 

But if “blinker fluid” is not real, where did this term come from? The word first appeared in the Urban Dictionary in 2004, so it has been around for much longer than we think. In 2016, searches for “blinker fluid” rose dramatically and peaked in 2017. Still, the term’s origin remains a mystery. 

What we know is that the hunt for blinker fluid belongs in a joke category called “fool’s errands.” These pranks are usually played by more seasoned members on a rookie, sending the person off on an impossible mission. This leads to a waste of time, as well as embarrassment and frustration. 

The jokes regarding the blinker fluid have become viral on TikTok and other social media platforms. Men try to lure their gullible girlfriends into buying blinker fluid for their cars, while fathers send their sons to the store to get this fluid. The video below was uploaded by a popular Youtuber that usually makes “vehicle repair” tutorials. After gaining millions of views, it sparked a new wave of this prank: 

How to replace the blinker fluid?

Also, check out these hilarious videos featuring the “blinker fluid” prank: 

Do you have any blinker fluid? 

Blinker fluid prank

Where Can You Buy The Blinker Fluid? 

So the truth about blinker fluid has come to light. If someone tries to fool you by telling you to get this substance, you might want to laugh at him and expose his prank right away. But why ruin the fun? Instead, you can get him a real can of blinker fluid! 

I’m not insane: The joke has gone so far that people even produced empty cans labeled “blinker fluid.” They can be found on well-known retailers, such as eBay and Amazon. These gag gifts can be either empty plastic cans or bottles with nothing but water inside. 

You will have a good laugh browsing the online listings for blinker fluid. Some sellers really put so much work into pranking their customers; they even make up fake questions, responses, and product reviews. Take a look at these amusing comments in the Q&A section on Amazon: 

  • Source: Amazon

What Are the Benefits of Using Blinker Fluid? 

Although blinker fluid isn’t an actual product, there are still some benefits to talking about it. The most obvious one is the lightheartedness of the joke. It brings a sense of humor to car maintenance, which can make it more enjoyable for everyone involved. 

The prank also removes some of the pressure that comes with owning and maintaining a vehicle, as it’s just something to laugh about and not take too seriously. 

What’s more, bringing up the “blinker fluid” joke is a great way to bond with other car enthusiasts who understand the joke and can appreciate its tongue-in-cheek nature. From there, you can open up conversations surrounding actual car parts and maintenance. As the topic has become so popular, it can help bring up other topics to discuss or educate yourself on when it comes to car care. 

The Fluids Your Car Actually Need

Instead of blinker fluid, what are the “fluids” that really keep your car functioning? Well, take a look at DriveRevolve’s list below! If you keep them in mind, you can avoid being fooled by the prank next time:  

  • Brake fluid
  • Coolant
  • Motor oil
  • Transmission oil 

Brake Fluid 

what is Brake Fluid
Brake fluid is a fluid your car really needs – Source: Quaker State

As its name indicates, the brake fluid ensures the brake system’s function. When you press down on the brake pedal, this fluid allows force to be applied, letting your vehicle slow down and ultimately stop. With enough brake fluid, you can recognize when there is uneven wear on brake pads

Since the system constantly generates heat, brake fluid can dry out over time. Not having enough brake fluid means you can lose control of your car’s speed, so it is best to check out the fluid level every 30,000 miles. 


To prevent the engine from being overheated, the coolant absorbs the heat from it, helping it to maintain the right temperature. Some refer to it as antifreeze since this fluid also keeps the engine from freezing in cold weather. That’s why coolant is irreplaceable, even with water

Coolant comes in various colors, but mostly green – Source: Holt Lloyd

Since it is essential for the engine’s function, experts recommend you top up the coolant regularly. The ideal basis is once every 30,000 miles. 

Motor Oil 

While the coolant keeps the engine running at an appropriate temperature, the motor oil lubricates the parts inside the engine. That way, your car will always function smoothly. 

What is the Motor Oil
The motor oil is necessary for your engine – Source: Wikipedia

If you drive your car frequently, you should get an oil change once every 3,000-5,000 miles. 

Transmission Oil

what is Transmission Oil
As with engine oil or coolant, it’s a good idea to check your transmission fluid level from time to time – Source: Andy Mohr Honda

Transmission oil prevents wear and tear on moving parts and provides hydraulic pressure to your vehicle. With the help of this fluid, the car can change hears without damaging any component. Lack of transmission fluid will result in more frequent  (and more costly) repairs.  


How Is Blinker Fluid Used in Pop Culture?

Despite blinker fluid not being a real auto part, it has become an integral part of car culture and has been referenced in movies, TV shows, video games, and other popular media. From references in The Simpsons to jokes about topping off the blinker fluid in Family Guy, blinker fluid has become a classic part of pop culture. 

What Cars Use Blinker Fluid? 

No cars ever used blinker fluid. As mentioned earlier, the “mythical auto part” was initially created as a joke and has since become an integral part of car culture. So if you hear someone joking about topping off the blinker fluid, just offer them a friendly smile and enjoy the moment!

How Do You Know When to Top Up Blinker Fluid?

Since blinker fluid isn’t a real auto part, there is no need to top up the supply. Instead, you should focus on maintaining your car regarding actual car parts and maintenance needs. 

What Are Some Potential Problems With Not Having Enough Blinker Fluid?

Not having enough blinker fluid isn’t an actual problem, as it doesn’t exist. However, if you are not regularly maintaining your car with real auto parts, then you may find yourself dealing with various issues related to performance and safety. 

Wrapping Up 

Is the blinker fluid real? You got the answer now! While blinker fluid is not a real car part or product, it has become an integral part of pop culture and can be used as a humorous reference in conversations about cars. Not only does talking about blinker fluid provide comedic relief from the world of auto maintenance, but it also offers an opportunity to learn more about actual car parts and necessary care for your vehicle. 

If you’re looking for something more practical than blinker fluid, plenty of alternatives can help with your car maintenance needs, such as investing in good engine oil or getting regular maintenance checks. So next time someone mentions topping off their blinker fluid supply, just smile and remind them that this “mythical auto part” doesn’t actually exist!

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