Your engine is a maestro orchestrating the combustion symphony, yet, like any grand performance, it emits emissions. Here’s where the EGR valve steps in, executing a strategic maneuver. 

It recirculates a measured dose of exhaust gasses back into the combustion chambers, acting as a virtuoso conductor curbing the formation of nitrogen oxide (NOx). 

No wonder, the EGR valve inside the exhaust system works wonders at its best conditions, and thus oftentimes requires a change. But what about the EGR valve replacement cost?

What Are EGR Valves?

EGR, or the exhaust gas recirculation, is in charge of recirculating the auto’s exhaust gasses and thus controlling the car’s emission. This cornerstone of the exhaust system serves for the environmentally friendly act of the car. 

Indeed, the exhaust gasses will be reused and thus cut down on the atmosphere impact. Most modern autos are equipped with this component. 

Yet, once this valve gets clogged or lousy, your emission will raise alarmingly, with more fuel consumed and money wasted. 

How About The EGR Valve Replacement Cost?
EGR valve replacement cost details. Source:

Where is the ERG valve located? Typically, this one is located between the intake manifold and the exhaust manifold.

How About The EGR Valve Replacement Cost?

Long story short: roughly £371.61 at average. The exact case is different case-by-case depending on many factors, including models, locations, and brands, to name but a few.

Here goes a table with EGR Valve replacement cost on each model.

BrandsAverage Price
How About The EGR Valve Replacement Cost?
How to address a lousy EGR valve? Source: pmmonline

What Determines The EGR Valve Replacement Cost

DriveRevolve just leaks the price on one change, now move on the the factors deciding these figures:

  • The auto brands and models.
  • Where and how you do the upkeep: at the garage or home; have a pro do it or do-it-yourself measure.
  • Whether your EGR valves connect to your cooling system or not.

When You EGR Valve Requires A Change

Ever felt your car offbeat on the road? Here’s a groovy guide to spot the EGR blues:

  • 1. The EGR might be offbeat if your ride feels like a rocky rollercoaster.
  • 2. Your auto consumes more fuel, our EGR valve might be in a fuel-hungry fiesta.
  • 3. Feel the stall when idling. 
  • 4. The fuel-scented feelings.
  • 5. The EGR is triggering a warning light rave.
  • 6. A knocking noise crashes the party.
  • 7. Black smoke from your car.
  • 8. Slow or heavy acceleration. 
  • 9. Black or odd-colored smoke from the car.

Once noticing these sure signs, take a quick test on your EGR valve or replace it as soon as possible.

How To Replace EGR Valve

How To Replace EGR Valve
Way to change the EGR valve with ease. Source: reidyremaps

In most cases, replacing the EGR valve is not that hard, it just takes you one or two hours. To complete it swiftly, using the right tools is a must, like handling faulty windshileds

Consult your car’s manual as well! You thus can get an affordable replacement method this way. Then, shopping around Amazon or online shops is the next. You can also grasp the DIY maintenance and repair tips as well.

Before installing the new unit, seek the correct EGR valve via the identification number (VIN – also located on the registration card or dashboard’s small plate), car models, and brands. 

It’s better to bring the old one to the shop and take the right new. Towards online shopping, check the products’ descriptions before buying.


How Much Is An EGR Valve Clean?

As opposed to replacement, cleaning is much more cost-effective, no doubt.
Let’s clean frequently every 50,000 miles for costly and time-consuming repair reduction. 

How Long Can An EGR Valve Last?

Its lifetime involves how much you drive, but 50,000 miles is the average duration.

Does Your Valve Change Come Under Warranty?

Untypical, most procedures don’t cover wear and tear. Hence, check the warrant in advance for sure.

Why Should The EGR Valve Be Changed?

You would feel low with a poor-performance car. More insane with rough idling, stalling, bad power decline,…

Is It Possible To Drive Without An EGR Valve?

Yes, you can do it yet we recommend you don’t leave it for as long as you may get into some trouble, not least in regions with strict rules on exhaust systems or EGR valves.


As seen above, there you have it – all the top triggers of the EGR turning bad and how much the EGR valve replacement cost is. 

Any car’s problem can be ignored without a careful eye. No matter purge valve or failed electric cooling fans, proper upkeep is vital, not least timely auto part change. 

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