If you are like most people, you wouldn’t want to spend a bunch of time and money on fixing any part of your vehicle. Nonetheless, deterioration from use is inevitable. Over time, auto parts wear out, become damaged in accidents, or break down due to faulty manufacturing. Regardless of the reason, you will want to know how much it costs to get things handled. In this article, DriveRevolve will go through the CV joint replacement costs and some of the best options when you have an issue with yours. If you have been suffering with this auto part for a while, read on, and you will know what to do! 

What Is A CV Joint? 

For those who don’t know, the constant velocity joint (or CV joint, as most people say) belongs to the front-wheel drive vehicle’s assembly. 

What Is A CV Joint?
Some mechanics also refer to the component as a homokinetic or a half-axle – Source: Grimmers Motor Hamilton

Located at the end of the drive shafts, it keeps the drive shaft in place. But that’s not the only purpose: This fun auto part is also responsible for transmitting power through the engine to the wheels while minimizing friction. Without a CV joint, your wheels can’t turn when you press the gas. 

Symptoms Of A Bad CV Joint

That’s why, when something goes wrong with the CV joint, the function of your car will be affected altogether. You will notice more than one symptom at a time, making it challenging for inexperienced drivers to pinpoint the real issue. 

Don’t worry – let’s get you familiar with the most common symptoms associated with a bad CV joint:

Strange Clicking Noises When Driving 

The CV joint allows the wheels to turn smoothly while giving them power from the transmission. This is all thanks to a rubber boot, which safeguards the joint while turning. 

Clicking Noises When Driving
Once the boot begins to wear out, your turning will suffer as a result – Source: Way

When you suddenly hear a strange clicking noise while cornering – whether in one single direction or all directions – that’s a tell-tale sign of a failed CV joint. The sound will only get louder over time, which can become extremely annoying for those close to the car. Still, there are many reasons for this, so I’d recommend letting an expert have a look before jumping to conclusions.

Knocking Noise When Turning 

Just like the clicking mentioned above, a worn-out constant velocity joint can lead to a sudden knocking noise of sorts. Other car parts might be responsible for this banging sound, but a malfunctioning half-axle is the culprit in most cases. 

Again, this noise will become more and more evident with each passing mile. Even a novice can recognize this symptom, and it is best to take your car to an auto repair shop immediately to avoid further damage.

Vibration At Speed

Did I say that the constant velocity joint is an integral component of the front-wheel drive vehicle’s assembly? Since it can be found right beside the wheels, any problem with this part will affect your ride. If you feel like your engine is shaking more than usual, a damaged CV joint is likely the culprit. 

Car's Vibration At Speed
In most cases, a bad CV joint will create noticeable vibration when traveling at a speed of over 40 MPH – Source: HowStuffWorks

At first, this sign might not be evident for every car, but over time, it will become significant enough for you to pay attention. 

Grease Found On The Inside Of Your Wheel 

To guarantee maximum performance, the CV axle’s boot has a generous amount of lubricant applied to it. If the boot sustains any kind of damage, the lubricating grease might spill out onto the wheels. Although it’s not as easy to recognize as a loud click or knock, it is a sure way to check the health of your joint. 

As such, when you think your vehicle’s CV boot is damaged, take a look at the inside part of your tire to find traces of grease. The failing boot can be fixed easily if you discover it early enough. However, if you keep driving the car without dealing with the issue, you will harm the whole CV joint. 

A Tear In The Boot 

Obvious, isn’t it? Most of the symptoms here can indicate different issues, so in some cases, it is best to perform a visual inspection of the boot. 

To do this, get under the car and take a look at the CV joints that are connected to your wheels. But what if you can’t detect any wear or tear, or you simply don’t want to crawl under the vehicle? Take a test drive, then!  

  • Put the car in reverse. Then, drive around in a circle with the steering wheel turned all the way to one side. 
  • Turn the steering wheel in the opposite direction, then repeat the process. 

How to test CV joint?

If you hear a precise clicking or knocking noise, there is a big chance your CV boot is torn. By performing this test, you can pinpoint the problem faster than with a simple drive on the road. 

Problems With Steering

When you have difficulty steering your vehicle, your CV joint is probably on its last legs. The real risk is that your car won’t be able to move forward or backward at all once the part breaks. 

CV Joint Replacement Costs 

But that’s just the diagnosing part. After you’ve found out the problem with your CV joint, we have another problem: CV joint replacement costs

Axle Replacement Costs
How much are CV joint replacement costs? – Source: Way

The price of a CV joint might range anywhere from $95 to $210. However, only an experienced mechanic can help you replace this auto part. That means you will have to pay for labor fees, which often costs from $165 to $800. 

The CV joint repair cost varies from garage to garage. But there is another factor that will determine the bill. Are you replacing a single or double axle? While mechanics often charge between $150=$400 to replace a single CV joint, the cost can go up to $300-$1180. 

Your car’s model also plays a role here. Depending on each model, the mechanics might have difficulty performing the replacement job. Obviously, the cost of the service will go up according to the amount of time required. 

Keep in mind that, unlike an oil change or body control module reset, this is a major maintenance job. Auto technicians have to go through a general safety inspection, paying extra attention to the axles and boots. That’s why the CV joint replacement costs are higher than other services.  

Top 5 Best CV Joints For Cars (With Pros And Cons) 

How do you save yourself from breaking the bank next time, then? Here’s a piece of advice from experts: Invest in a high-quality CV joint! With a durable and efficient one, you won’t have to get it replaced anytime soon. 

But there are countless options on the market, and you might be overwhelmed trying to pick the best one for your car. Therefore, I’ve carefully compiled a list, and they are as follows: 

Cardone 66-1009 New CV Axle

Cardone 66-1009 New CV Axle review
Cardone 66-1009 New CV Axle – Source: Amazon

Cardone is unrivaled regarding CV joints – that’s something all car enthusiasts know. But among their products, the Cardone 66-1009 New CV Axle is the king. It receives a rating of 4.4 out of 5 on Amazon thanks to its perfect fit, simple installation, and outstanding durability. 


  • The boots are specifically designed with extra bellows. This is a considerable benefit since a constant velocity joint that lacks bellows is more likely to rupture. The additional bellows allow this model to endure a high-stress level. 
  • Because the splines on this CV joint follow precisely with specifications and fit just right into the mating hub, installation is simple even for the inexperienced. 
  • The high-quality grease ensures consistent operation, even in extreme temperatures. 
  • The straightness of each axle shaft is carefully examined. This ensures that the joint can move smoothly during the car’s movement. 
  • Each joint includes a replacement nut in case the old one is damaged. 
  • The shaft’s medium length encourages twists, allowing the ball bearing to move freely. 


  • As customer reviews show, some of the Cardone 66-1009 axles weren’t put together correctly before being shipped.
  • Although the manufacturer has added more bellows to this model, these boots are still prone to rupture since the material used to make them wasn’t very sturdy. 

GSP NCV10638 CV Axle Shaft Assembly

GSP NCV10638 CV Axle Shaft Assembly price
GSP NCV10638 CV Axle Shaft Assembly – Source: Amazon

The GSP NCV10638 is known for its high quality and fitness. While this is not the most pocket-friendly option, it’s definitely worth the investment. 


  • The model uses high-quality Moly grease for its joint. This lubricant protects the joint while reducing friction. Thanks to this grease, the vehicle won’t make any clicking or banging noises while moving. 
  • Before being dispatched to the market, all the axles are subjected to quality control tests and inspections to ensure they are in the best condition. 
  • All the axles come with sensors and convenient anti-lock brakes. 
  • This model’s shaft is made from sturdy metallic materials that are resistant to corrosion. 
  • Since the boot is constructed out of neoprene premium, it is not prone to rupture like other CV joints on the market. 
  • It is an excellent match for a wide range of vehicles, such as the 2007 and 2009 Acadia. 


  • The GSP NCV10638 axle must be installed on a specified side of the vehicle, which may cause some confusion for you if you want to DIY. 

Cardone 66-4060 CV Axle

Cardone 66-4060 CV Axle review
Cardone 66-4060 CV Axle – Source: Amazon

Not only does it have competitive pricing, but the Cardone 66-4064 is also superior in terms of fitness. Even if you are a novice, this is one of a few CV joints you can install at home. 


  • The model comes from a trusted brand that strictly follows the original equipment manufacturer’s (OE) standards. 
  • The shaft of the Cardone 66-4064 has been carefully checked and tested to ensure that it meets the standards for straightness. This helps to avoid extra vibration and shaking during motion. 
  • The built-in diameter has been heat-treated, providing it with a stainless surface. 
  • The use of 3% molybdenum grease will extend the equipment’s life. 
  • Despite its quality, the Cardone 66-4064 has a reasonable price. 


  • Some vehicles, such as the Honda Talon 4 Seaters, can’t use this model. 
  • It doesn’t feature as many bellows as other Cardone CV joints. 

Bodeman – Pair 2 Complete Front CV Axle

Bodeman – Pair 2 Complete Front CV Axle review
Bodeman – Pair 2 Complete Front CV Axle – Source: Amazon

The Bodeman – Pair 2 Complete Front CV Axle’s greatest strength is its compact size, which is compatible with almost any vehicle brand and model. That makes it a strong competitor for the best CV joint and a popular choice among mechanics. What’s more, it is pocket-friendly and comes with rave reviews from drivers. 


  • The boots will be completely installed to the CV joint before shipping. This ensures a simple setup and a snug fit. 
  • The shaft length is ideal for quick torque transfer. 
  • There are an appropriate number of billows. 
  • If you purchase this CV joint on Amazon or eBay, you can be confident that it will be delivered within 3 working days. This is especially true if you live in Jamaica or the United States. The company starts the shipping process right after you place your order. 
  • There are 6 holes in the innermost splint. Each of the holes has a bolt. 
  • This CV joint can be installed on either the driver’s or passenger’s side of your car. Unlike other models, you don’t have to double-check to ensure that you’ve installed the right one for the corresponding side. 
  • Since it is one of the most sought-after CV joints on the market, it is a sure win. 


  • The CV joint doesn’t come with a built-in anti-lock braking system. 

Cardone 66-1325 CV Axle

Cardone 66-1325 CV Axle review
Cardone 66-1325 CV Axle – Source: eBay

Like other Cardone joints on this list, the Cardone 66-1325 boasts top-notch fitness and quality. After installation, you won’t notice any rumbling or shaking. What’s special about this model is the 36mm hub nuts, as well as a built-in washer. The installation will take you no more than an hour or two, and you won’t need a mechanic’s help because of how well it fits.


  • The shaft is shorter than other models, making it twist and transmit power faster. This is because the shaft’s length is directly proportional to the twist’s rate. 
  • The CV joint boasts many bellows, both on the outside and the inside. This prevents germs from entering the CV joint while also ensuring that the high-quality Moly grease stays in place. 
  • It is simple to install, and as long as you have the necessary tools, you can perform the process on your own. 
  • The Cardone 66-1325 is upgraded with a washer and a new nut design. 
  • The boots have excellent flexibility, which lowers the risk of a rupture. 
  • A pair of sturdy boot clamps maintain the integrity of the inner, outer, and below CV joints. 


  • It is pretty pricey compared to other products on this list. 

Final Verdict

The CV joint plays a crucial factor in keeping your vehicle functioning smoothly. Therefore, it is vital to invest in a top-quality one. With the options listed above, you can drive freely without worrying about CV joint replacement costs

With their innovative designs, long lifespan, and sturdy finish, they will deliver satisfying performance, keeping you ready for any adventure ahead! 

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