Q: What is REVOLVE?
A: REVOLVE is a technology-enabled luxury vehicle subscription service that provides car lovers access to the most sought after new vehicles on the market today. No longer do you need to buy or lease a new vehicle and be committed to it for many years.

Now you can satisfy your thirst for automotive variety and experience the freedom of driving numerous premium vehicles—everything from sports cars, to performance sedans to luxury SUVs, and even sleek convertibles and premium electric vehicles.

Our unparalleled automotive variety allows you to embrace new driving experiences while never tiring of what’s in your garage. Whether as your daily driver or as an addition to your vehicle stable, REVOLVE enables you to drive what you crave—everyday!

Q: How does REVOLVE work?
A: Once you sign up and are approved, Members select their favorite vehicles in the REVOLVE collection that they desire to drive.

REVOLVE then matches you to your desired vehicle, and the REVOLVE concierge team delivers your vehicle to you – at home, at work, or any location of your choosing. A member of our concierge team walks you through the vehicle’s layout and features. In addition, we gladly help you connect your Bluetooth phone and create pre-sets for your favorite radio stations and common GPS destinations.

We’ve created a white-glove concierge model where Members get the amazing experience of accessing dozens of the world greatest vehicles, while REVOLVE takes care of all car-related hassles – including dealers and maintenance.

Q: How much does it cost?
A:Monthly membership fees are as follows; Enthusiast Tier $2,600 – Luxury Tier $2,000 – Elite Tier $1,500. A one-time membership fee at time of onboarding is as follows; Enthusiast Tier $2,500 – Luxury Tier $1,500 – Elite Tier $1,000 *taxes not included.


Q: What is included in the monthly subscription fee?
A: Your subscription Membership includes:
· Access to all the vehicles in the REVOLVE Collection
· Full insurance coverage with a $1,000,000 liability insurance policy
· All registration fees
· Vehicle maintenance and service
· Concierge driveway delivery service
· Roadside assistance
Q: What vehicles do I have access to?
A: At REVOLVE our goal is to provide our members access to the most desirable and sought-after new vehicles in the market. Cars are constantly being added and rotated out to keep the freshest, most curated Collection. Our Collection includes sports cars, luxury sedans, high-end SUVs and electric vehicles. A current sampling of our vehicle collection includes outstanding cars like: BMW i8, Mercedes Benz AMG G63, Audi S8+, Porsche 911 Carrera S, Maserati GranTurismo, BMW X6 M, Range Rover Sport Supercharged Dynamic, Jaguar F-Type R, Lexus LC500, Tesla Model X P100D and Mercedes Benz S550 Cabriolet.
Q: Is it a long term contract?
A: There is no long term contract, REVOLVE is a monthly subscription service.
Q: How many miles can I drive per month?
A: 1,500 miles per month are permitted.
Q: Are there any extra fees or costs?
A: All you have to do is gas up and drive! And pay any tolls that you incur.
Q: How does billing work?
A: We accept all major credit cards and ACH auto pay
Q: Is the service prorated to 1st of the month? Does it start the day I get my first car?
A: The subscription billing cycle starts the day you receive your first vehicle.
Q: When do you deliver the vehicle to me?
A: Our Concierge Team will contact you to coordinate delivery of your first vehicle. For every vehicle thereafter, you will be contacted two weeks in advance of vehicle delivery to arrange a convenient time and place for the exchange.
Q: Where do you deliver?
A: We will deliver each REVOLVE vehicle to your home, office or other designated meeting spot.
Q: How do I select the vehicles I want to drive and how do the rotations work?
A: Once you are approved as a member by our team you will get a link to download the REVOLVE app (iOS or Android), create an account and create your virtual “garage” of the seven vehicles from the Collection that you would most like to drive. You are then matched to our vehicles on a rotational basis, and our Concierge Team will contact you two weeks before delivery to provide details on the next vehicle you will receive.
Q: Is there an age limit?
A: You must be 26 years of age to be a REVOLVE Member.
Q: How long can I keep a car?
A: Generally for a period of 1 to 3 months. Some rotations may be slightly longer or shorter. REVOLVE will always be in close communication with you about rotation timing so that you can be prepared. Plus, if at any time during your membership experience you’re not happy with the vehicle you’re driving, simply contact us and we’ll work to make things right.
Q: What are the age of the cars? New? Used?
A: The hand-curated REVOLVE Collection is a mix of new and lightly used vehicles and are always the latest available model and body-style from the manufacturer. Cars rotate out of the Collection before they feel anything other than “new”.
Q: Am I responsible for maintenance on the vehicle while I have it?
A: No. REVOLVE takes care of all vehicle maintenance from oil changes to tire rotations. We do ask that you keep an eye on tire pressure or any warning lights that appear, and inform us immediately of any abnormal visual indicators or vehicle behavior.
Q: What is the cancellation policy for my subscription?
A: You may cancel anytime with 30-days notice.
Q: Can I smoke in the cars?
A: NO. We strive to keep our vehicles in top shape for the enjoyment of all Members. Smoking in the vehicle is a breach of your Membership agreement.
Q: What do I do if a car I’m driving breaks down or has an issue? How do I get roadside assistance?
A: Please call the 1-800-676-3442 and a member of our Concierge Team will assist you.
Q: What happens if I get a traffic ticket or the car is towed?
A: You are responsible for any traffic violations that occur while driving the vehicle. You are responsible for any towing fines and must retrieve the vehicle.
Q: Can I drive the car out of state?
A: Yes. Drive the car as if it is your own. Just keep an eye on mileage.
Q: Where is REVOLVE available?
A: REVOLVE is currently operating in South Florida but will soon be expanding into other markets. Email to learn more.


Your ultimate driving experience is around the corner. Learn more about the REVOLVE lifestyle and be among the first to experience this revolutionary new form of luxury car access.