Joy Ride

Car aficionados are constantly racing toward the luxury vehicle of their dreams. As soon as they obtain that coveted Aston Martin, they’re lusting over the latest Porsche. Now, thanks to Revolve, South Florida auto enthusiasts can have it all. A car subscription service based in Palm Beach County, Revolve provides access to a virtual garage of elite rides – from high-end SUVs and sedans to sexy convertibles and sport cars, and all the electric models in between. Members can make selections using the Revolve app, and then a concierge team member will hand deliver the vehicle and explain all of its bells and whistles upon arrival. Drivers can take a carefree approach to car “ownership,” leaving all of the maintenance and upkeep tasks to Revolve. When they’re ready for a new set of wheels, users simply alert Revolve and await their next rolling beauty.

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